The MACE group is led by Dr Tim Stojanovic, an environmental Geographer with a special interest in coastal and marine environments. Dr Stojanovic is a Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Development and Geography at the University of St Andrews.

  • Research Associate, ‘Co-creation of Conservation Knowledge for Coastal and Marine Reserves’

  • Doctoral Candidate, ‘Fit for Purpose Marine Governance in the era of Sustainable Development Goals’

  • Dr Lucy Greenhill. Honorary Research Fellow.

    Greenhill, L., Stojanovic, T. A., & Tett, P. (2020). Does marine planning enable progress towards adaptive governance of marine systems? Lessons from Scotland’s regional marine planning process. Maritime Studies, 19(3), 299–315.

  • Doctoral Candidate, ‘Increasing the resilience of European marine ecosystems by exploring the concept of marine wilderness’

  • Doctoral Candidate, ‘Economic and social valuation of Scotland’s blue carbon resource’

  • Alexandra Hoadley, Research Associate ‘Community capabilities and Marine Protected Area Governance’ 2020

    Dr Paula Duffy, Phd (2019) ‘Understanding socio-demographic change and sustainability in Scotland’s coastal communities’.

    Dr Fiona Cunningham, Phd (2019) ‘Adaptation to the impacts of climate change in small island communities: an analysis of Scottish case studies’.

    Liliana Sole Figueras, University Autonoma Barcelona. Phd (2020): ‘The Ecosystem Services of cruise ship tourism. An analysis of Ecosystem Services coproduction and access in the case of Barcelona’s cruise ship tourism’ Internship with MACE Team.

    Mark Jackson, Research Associate 2016. Seascape Characterisation: Foundations for a Multidisciplinary Approach. Funded by Carnegie Trust. Read here

  • The work of MACE is supported by interns who undertake six to ten week supervised projects part time, in support of a wider research project, thereby gaining research skills and understanding and contributing to real world coastal and marine environmental challenges.

    Louise Harker, MSc Conservation Studies 2020. Marine Protected Areas, Wellbeing and Alternative Livelihoods.

    Benjamin Kao, BSc Sustainable Development 2020. Marine Protected Areas and Climate Impacts.

    Annabel Personeni, BSc Sustainable Development 2019. Marine Spatial Planning: discourse analysis and systems approaches.

    Tessa Bonincontro, MSc Sustainable Development 2019. Climate adaptation: social acceptance and managed realignment schemes.

    Connie Dawson, BSc Sustainable Development, 2018. Developing a Coastal Governance Baseline Assessment for the Forth and Tay Marine Region.

    Armelle Duvieusart, BSc Sustainable Development 2016. Regional Marine Planning in Scotland: designing the process.

    Ashleigh Warnock, BSc Geography 2016. Cultural Ecosystem Services (Recreation) in Mudflats and Saltmarshes.

    Cat Young, MA Geography 2016. Charting the development of EU and Scottish Marine Policy.