Research Themes

Governance, Planning and Management of Marine and Coastal Areas

In the rapidly evolving, information society in which we live, it is a challenge to coordinate the activities of government, business and civil society for effective planning and management that leads to sustainable outcomes.

We are exploring the geographical design of different decision-making systems, and the spatial and environmental implications arising from their existing and possible organisation.

Oceans and coasts are a dynamic and vital part of the functioning earth system. they are experiencing a range of unique issues related to the impact of human settlements and resource use, maintenance of livelihoods, competition in the use of space, expansion of marine activities offshore, and impacts of climate change.

We conduct policy-relevant research from the local to the international, on topics such as Marine Planning, Ocean Governance, Shoreline Management and Coastal Partnerships. Findings are related to broader theories of environmental management and sustainability to build a deeper knowledge about human-environment relations.